One of the Junior Academies in action near Paphos                                                                                                          Play Safe equipment in use by one of The PGA professionals

 The Junior Section of 'The Cyprus Golf Federation (CGF) was formed in 2005 to give more opportunities to young people who wanted to learn and play the game of golf. In January 2006 Terry Scott, our current Director of Junior Golf, began to install learning systems, procedures, rules and, where they did not exist, Junior Academies. He introduced the 'Golf Passport Scheme" a world leading learning program which is still in use today and used by all of the academies in Cyprus. He built on our links with The R&A in the UK and helped us obtain grants which have contributed to the increase in the number of Junior Golfers here in Cyprus today. Due to his wifes health Terry resigned 2 years later and passed the reigns over to John O'Donoghue and about one year later Andrew Darker of "Aphrodite Hills GC" took the job on and for four years continued to build the thriving Junior Section we have today.

In January of 2013 Terry Scott returned to his old position of 'Director of Junior Golf. 2013 has been a whirlwind year for Junior Golf in Cyprus. A new Junior Committee was formed who introduced 2 major competions. The Cyprus Youth Shield where the various clubs and academies play one another on a regular basis. This competion is run by Nicole Efstathiou a member of the Junior Committee. A Junior Team Challenge where our National Junior Team, Play matches against some of the best adults on the island and also a team of professionals from The Cyprus Professionals Golf Association (PGA) This competition is run by Andrew Heap the father of one of our best Junior Golfers.

A teaching system, new to Cyprus Academies, has been introduced to the Academies using "Play Safe Eqipment" kindly donated by The R&A this will enable the Academies to lower the age that they can start teaching children in their individual academy. It will also enable them to visit local Primary Schools with the equipment and teach in the school hall or playground - further expanding junior golf in Cyprus.